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Surprising reasons you may have chronic pain

Scars: Old scars can result in entrapment of nerve endings.

Insomnia: Sleep deprivation and psychosocial stressors can worsen pain, affect your mood and impede healthy coping mechanisms for chronic pain.

Smoking: This puts the body into a chronic inflammatory state. Many pain transmitters are upregulated as a result of smoking. Smokers report significantly higher pain scores.

Height: Taller, larger patients have increased axial loads on the spine, as well as “load-bearing” joints such as hips and knees.

C-sections: Nerve entrapment in scars and adhesions (connective tissue scarring together in the abdominal-pelvic cavity) may cause pain. Patient positioning during surgery has also been implicated in low-back pain following C-sections.

UTIs: These can cause low-back pain acutely, especially with severe infections. The kidneys are located near the area on the lower back where the lower ribs meet the spine (the costovertebral angle).

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