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New-patient visits consist of a complete medical history and physical exam to help diagnose and guide management of your painful conditions.


Dr. Gilthorpe will formulate a comprehensive plan to target your pain with interventional procedures, medication optimization, and referral for other specialized care if needed.

Doctor and Patient


Follow-up visits are for patients who have already established a relationship with our team. These visits consist of a reevaluation of the treatment plan. Dr. Gilthorpe will reassess the working diagnoses, plan additional procedures, and ensure medication optimization at these visits. By continuously evaluating our services, we ensure that all patients receive the best treatment for their needs.



Dr. Gilthorpe has performed thousands of procedures, and he is dedicated to providing high-quality care with minimal discomfort. We recognize some patients are very anxious regarding procedures, and we can schedule your procedures at Houston Methodist Willowbrook, so sedation can be provided. For patients receiving sedation, you must have a driver accompany you, and you must fast for eight hours prior to the procedure.

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