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Intrathecal pain pumps


Targeted delivery, less side effects

Intrathecal pain pumps are devices that are implanted into your body to infuse medication directly into your spine for constant pain relief. Medications delivered this way are more than three-hundred times more powerful than medications taken orally.

Because the medication is more potent when delivered into the spinal fluid, much lower doses can be used. This typically means less side effects and a decreased probability of dependency. 

This procedure is done in multiple stages.

  1. The first stage is to have a temporary injection performed in-office to determine if an intrathecal pain pump will work for you. If the injection proves effective, the next step is scheduled at a nearby hospital or ambulatory surgery center, ASC.

  2. The second stage is a permanent implant under the skin. 

  3. After implantation, patients come in to the office to have their pump refilled every two to four months. The visit is usually quick, with a medication infusion and potentially a reprogram to address any necessary distribution changes.

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